Grand Canyon Helicopters

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most iconic areas in the entire world. Home to some of the world's largest resorts, the Strip is brimming with landmarks that will dazzle even the most experiencied traveler.

Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tours

The most unique thing you can do during your stay in Sin City? Take a Las Vegas Strip helicopter tour! Day and night flights are available, with departures taking off on the hour.

Basic Strip tours include free hotel shuttle service. Deluxe flights include limo service and Champagne, making them perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorettes and more.

The best tour operators follow a route that starts from the south end of the Strip to old downtown before looping back and heading for home.

Total airtime is up to 15 minutes, during which you'll fly over:

...and much more!

It's an incredible flight that's packed to the gills with sights you'll never forget. Trying to list them all would be like writing a book.

The Only 2 Companies That Matter!

There are a handful of air tour companies that offer these flights but I only recommend Papillon Helicopters, Viator Tours and Maverick Helicopters. Here's details & pricing:

Papillon Helicopters is your go-to provider when it comes to budget Strip tours. Their no-frills trips include free hotel pick up/drop off, and they only fly the tour during the day.
Price: $82 per person

Maverick Helicopters is your deluxe Las Vegas Strip provider. The company specializes in night and day flights replete with limo pick-ups. They also use the extraordinary EcoStar 130, a superior aircraft that features 25 percent more cabin space. Internet rate requires online booking.
Price: $124 per person.

I recommend you book these tours in advance as they are very popular. Don't cut it close. Try to book at least 4 days prior to your desired departure time. Further, purchase your seats on the Internet. That's where the best prices are. Just remember: You must complete the transaction online in order to get the Internet prices quoted on this page.

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