Grand Canyon Helicopters

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a great place to visit especially if you're coming from Las Vegas. Helicopters make the flight in 45 minutes - ensuring you're fresh and energized to conquer the glass bridge!

Skywalk Helicopter Tour (From Las Vegas)

Take your Grand Canyon Skywalk experience to the next level? Take a helicopter tour. These flights roar out of the Vegas metro area at 200-plus MPH and let you see the attraction and the West Rim in ways you'll never forget.

Proof is in the Pudding.

More than 200,000 people a year now visit the Skywalk, which opened to the public in 2007. For you number crunchers out there, the glass walkway's hosted more than 1.5 million guests since inception!

The Skywalk is the crown jewel of Grand Canyon West, a 100-mile piece of Mojave Desert that's situated entirely inside the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Future development plans include a hotel, a cable car to the bottom, and more restaurants.

Until then, it's all about the Glass Bridge. This structure, which is made up of 40-plus special glass panels that cost $200,000 each, lets guests walk 70 feet past the edge of the rim while being suspended 4,000 over the bottom.

Where is the Skywalk?

The Skywalk is located just 120 miles east of Las Vegas. In fact, nearly 97 percent of all guests start their trip from Sin City. Go by car or bus and it's a 2.5-hour-drive. Take a helicopter and it's 45 minutes.

The flight to Grand Canyon West is spectacular. First up is Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the U.S. Next, it's colossal Hoover Dam and the new bypass bridge. All this and you're only at the half-point!

Onward, you'll see Fortification Hill, an extinct (for now) volcano. You'll know you're in Grand Canyon airspace when you cross Grand Cliffs Wash. This is where you descend into the canyon and fly over the Colorado River.

Types of Air Tours

Which brings us to available Grand Canyon Skywalk Helicopter tour packages. The most basic lands at Grand Canyon West Airport. There you'll transfer to a shuttle bus and go directly to the Skywalk.

There's no time limit when it comes to how long you can stay on the glass walkway. When you've had your fill, explore the West Rim. All tours come with 2+ hours, which is plenty to see Eagle Point, Guano Point, Hualapai Ranch and the Indian Cultural Center.

The other air tour that's soaring in popularity includes a helicopter ride to the bottom and a boat excursion down the Colorado River. I recommend this tour for anyone who wants a truly moving Grand Canyon experience.

Naturally, there's high demand for these Skywalk helicopter tours. That's why I recommend you book them no less than three (3) days before your desired departure date. These flights fly off the shelves during summer so add a few more days to that.

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Getting a Good Deal

I like a good deal as much as the next person. That's why I only purchase my trips online. Specifically, I go direct to the tour operator. This is where the best promotions are. Do not sign up with a hotel concierge or a travel kiosk on the Vegas Strip - you'll get fleeced.

Last word on Internet deals - They are labeled such because you have to complete the transaction on the website in order to get the discount. Go "offline" and you'll be charged retail, which is what we are all trying to avoid.

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