Grand Canyon Helicopters

Grand Canyon National Park, founded in 1919, offers the visitor loads of things to do like hiking, birding, rafting and sightseeing. It's also a photographer's paradise. Consider all its activities as you plan your visit.

Grand Canyon National Park Thrills Visitors From Around The World

grand canyon national parkMore than 5 million people per year visit Grand Canyon National Park, with nearly one fifth of them arriving from foreign countries. The British, Canadians and Japanese are the three foreign nations that supply the most visitors. Of course, many Americans visit this natural treasure, too, and make up 83% of the Park's total number of visitors.

The canyon stretches over 275 miles in length and is 18 miles wide in some places. In addition, it is six thousand feet deep at its deepest point (more than 1 mile!). The weather from the top to the bottom of the gorge can vary by as much as thirty degrees at times.

The Park has rich history. Its natural features are millions of years old, and the canyon has been carved out over centuries of geological processes. Preservation of the area began in the late 1800s until it became a national park in 1919. Since then management has struggled with balancing aesthetic preservation while providing access and recreation to visitors. Exemplifying this was an overzealous predator control program in the region that targeted mountain lions, wolves and coyotes once backfired and nearly wiped out the deer population when they overgrazed without natural predators and then nearly starved as a herd.

Management priorities have changed since then and the mule deer population now thrives in the area. Bounties are no longer taken on natural predators, and while wolves no longer roam the area, mountain lions and coyotes are still part of the local food chain. In addition to deer, they can prey upon small mammals and bighorn sheep in the area. The park has also become a successful relocation site for the endangered and majestic California condor, a colorful scavenger with an enormous wingspan.

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The National Park is not far from Interstate 40 and historic Route 66. It can be accessed conveniently from major cities like Phoenix and Los Angeles. Gateway communities to the canyon include Williams, Arizona and Flagstaff, Arizona.

Visitors to the area can enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Hiking, bird watching and backpacking are popular within the boundaries. Nearby rock climbing, whitewater rafting and helicopter sightseeing tours are popular past times as well. Tourists planning to spend time outdoors should be prepared for rapid weather changes that may include severe thunderstorms and extreme heat in the summer and heavy snow in some regions (especially the North Rim) during the winter and sometimes spring and fall months.

Grand Canyon National Park is a postcard perfect place with amazing views and lost of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. It has many diverse ecological zones and a wide variety of plant and animal life. It also has much recreation to allure the enterprising visitor.

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